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Who We Are

A healing haven of love, support and friendship

Helping Hands

A healing haven of love, support and friendship

Shock. Denial. Fear. Shame. Confusion. Grief. Pain. Sorrow.

We know how you feel because we feel it too. We know what it feels like to move on and yet live each day with anxiety. We know how to function by avoidance, and simply go through the motions of life. We know what it means to put on a brave face and bury the sadness. We know what it means to seek perfection to reclaim our value and to seek certainty to feel safe. We know it all because we are trauma survivors.

Thanks to the support of our community, we ALSO know that we are worthy of unconditional love and support. We know too that our resiliency has made us strong and courageous. We have discovered that our sensitivity, our tenacity, and our vulnerability are all our super strengths. We know that our self-compassion and self-care is healing. Through the help of our community, we are learning to thrive as we RISE. Together.

​Our community offers a safe healing space to come together to share experiences and knowledge, and to ask questions and learn from each other. ​ Support is provided via:

  • Support group meetings

  • 1:1 meetings

  • Online chat groups 

  • Online resources

We also offer empathetic friendship that can accompany you to the police, to court, to a lawyer, to therapy, to a clinic or to a women's shelter.

We are here for one another, to support each other as we take steps to heal.

Are you a trauma survivor? Please reach out to receive the love and support that you deserve.

What We Do

Reach Out

Dear Trauma Survivor

You are not alone. You are brave. You are strong.

Let us help. Send us your questions.

Join us. We are here for you.

Holding Hands



I am so grateful for this community! When I joined I was lost and alone. Now I am back on my feet and feel a part of something amazing.


I am a rape survivor. I never told anyone because I was ashamed and blamed myself. Thanks to this amazing group I found wonderful friends and the courage to start therapy. 


I live with an abusive husband. This community gives me hope, helps me to overcome my fears and is helping me plan my next steps. It helps me to have someone checking how I am and to have someone to go to when I am frustrated. The resources on divorce have also helped me a lot.

Reach Out
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