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It all began when six brave women came together

In December 2018, six brave women came together to share our truths of childhood abuse, domestic violence and grief. "We were all a little nervous but surprisingly we also felt safe and comfortable with one another. We listened with empathy and we cried with compassion. We laughed as we recognised that we shared similar traits and behaviours. We were strangers that became instant friends" recalls Preshika Wright.


Each month, more brave women joined us. Since that first meeting, our community has supported over 100 women. We come from every continent, from diverse cultures and colours. We are a loving, caring and compassionate community of women. We dedicate time to support each other, and also come together to have fun and dance till our feet hurt and laugh until our bellys' ache. We love celebrating life as we rise together!

Our self help community is our safe space

Some of us are discovering how our childhood abuse or neglect has impacted our lives. Some of us are still figuring how to get out of an abusive marriage or relationship. Some of us are grieving the traumatic loss of our loved ones. Some of us are coping with recent sexual or physical assault. Our trauma is never comparable. Our empathy and compassion for each other is abundant. 

The experience of coming together and realising that we are not alone is liberating and healing. As we share our challenges and our triumphs, we learn from one another. As we motivate and encourage one another, we help each other. As we recognise that we share similar tendencies, we bond with one another.

Are you a trauma survivor too? Are you figuring out how your childhood trauma has affected you and want to connect with others doing the same? Feel free to send us any questions you have about trauma, domestic violence, or about sexual or physical violence. Perhaps you need help to figure out what to do or where to go for support? We are here to help you figure that out too. Please reach out to receive the support that you deserve.

Reach Out

Dear Trauma Survivor

We are here for you.

Join us to experience the love and care of an extraordinary community of women. 

We will respond to your message within 48hrs

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