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We are a healing haven of love, support and friendship

We know how you feel because we feel it too. We know what it feels like to move on but struggle with anxiety. We know how to deny pain and simply move through the busyness of life. We know what it means to put on a brave face and bury the sadness. We know what it means to seek perfection to reclaim our value and to seek certainty to feel safe. We know because we are trauma survivors.

Thanks to our community, we know we are worthy of unconditional love and support. We know too that our resilience has strengthened us. We have discovered that our sensitivity, our tenacity, and our vulnerability are all our superpowers. We learn that our self-compassion and self-care is healing. Thanks to the support of the amazing women in our community, we are learning about how our trauma affects our lives. Together, we are determined to thrive as we rise together.​

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You are not alone. We are always here for you. 

We support each other in our support group meetings, 1:1 meetings and online chat groups. "For the first time in my life, I didn't feel alone anymore. This was healing for me." These are often the words echoed by many of us after our meetings. We all feel a little nervous at first but the discomfort eases as we realise that we’re in a safe space. We share how our childhood or adult trauma affects us, we discuss the challenges we face and we share our healing experiences. We leave knowing more about how trauma has affected us, and how we can heal.

We become friends that truly understand. 

We know the difference it makes, to have someone that truly understands, with you. "How did we get here?" is a question that we often ask ourselves when we're sitting with a therapist, listening to a lawyer, talking to the police, on the way to a shelter, or just chatting with a friend. In these moments, we feel alone, confused and scared. For all of us in our community, we promise to be with you wherever you need to be. You never have to feel alone again. 

trauma support community

Our meetings are held twice a month. We keep our meetings small and private. Please reach out for details of the next meeting.

In our 1:1 meetings, we get the support we need, if we don't feel ready to talk in a group, or if we need support for our individual needs. Please reach out for a meeting.

trauma support
trauma support

Each month, for one week, we connect online in groups, to support and motivate one another to practise daily self care. We have different motivation groups for different self care activities. Please reach out to find out more and to join the next one

TSY is focused on supporting us to slow down and reconnect to our bodies. It also helps to ground and stabilise us. Please reach out to join a class

trauma support
trauma support

We have a library of self help books, and online courses for self learning. We also hold regular art therapy classes, therapist talks and workshops on Somatic Experiencing. Please reach out to find out more.

We enjoy regular game nights, hiking trips, cooking and dining together and much more.

Please reach out and come join the fun! 

trauma support
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A Heartfelt Message


Dear Survivor

I understand how important it is to find a safe and supportive community, especially for survivors like us. So, I deeply empathise with your need for connection and understanding. 


At this moment, our community events for the rest of the year are at full capacity, and we are unable to welcome new members at this time. I know how disappointing this could be, and I am deeply sorry. 


Please know that this decision was incredibly difficult, and it comes from a place of prioritising everyone's well-being and the quality of support our community offers. 


We look forward to welcoming new members after our holiday break in February. I truly hope you'll join us then. Until then, take gentle care of your precious self. 


All my love,

Preshika Wright

Survivor and Founder

We Rise Together

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