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Created by Preshika Wright, we started as a support group of 6 in December 2018. Since then we have supported over 70 women. We have members from every continent, of all colours and diverse cultures. We are a loving, caring and compassionate community of women who not only dedicate time to support each other, but we also come together to dance till our feet hurt and laugh until our bellys ache. We celebrate life as we rise together!


How It Began

The Power of Speaking Our Truths

This community was inspired by 6 brave women who chose to come together in 2018, to tell our stories of childhood abuse, domestic violence and grief. "We were all a little nervous but surprisingly we also felt safe and comfortable with one another. We spoke our stories with pain, we listened with empathy and we cried with compassion. We laughed as we recognised that we shared similar traits and behaviours. We were complete strangers that became instant friends" recalls Preshika Wright.


Each month, more brave women joined us. Since that first meeting, our community has supported over 70 women. We have members from every continent, of diverse cultures and colours. We are a loving, caring and compassionate community of women who not only dedicate time to support each other, but we also come together to dance till our feet hurt and laugh until our bellys ache. We love celebrating life as we rise together!




What our members say

I am so grateful for this community! When I joined I was lost and alone. Now I am back on my feet and feel a part of something amazing.

My husband physically assaulted me over a year ago. The day after the assault, I was able to meet with Preshika. She was my kind angel in my dark time. She guided me through the complete legal process, and explained all the different options to me. She came with me to the police and to the Frauenhilfe. Months later she came with me to the court. She recommended a therapist to me.She was in regular contact with me, checking that I was okay and recommending ways to take care of my mental health. I met a few other girls in the community and they are all amazing. Today I am strong again thanks to this community. I am proud to be a part of this community and want to help other women.



I was sexually abused when I was a young girl. My parents didn't believe what happened so I never told anyone until I started therapy in my twenties. I joined this community to learn more about how childhood abuse impacts us as adults. I was surprised that so many of us share the same affects of childhood abuse. I no longer felt broken after meeting other women who felt the same as me. I felt understood. And as a bonus, I have made some wonderful new girlfriends.

I am a rape survivor. I never told anyone because I was ashamed and blamed myself. Thanks to this amazing group I found the courage to start therapy and I am learning to love my body again.


I live with an abusive husband. This community gives me hope that someday I will overcome my fear and leave him for good. It helps me so much to have someone checking in on me and to have someone to go to when I am frustrated with my situation. I also received lawyer recommendations and advice on the legal process which was helpful. I am forever indebted to this community for all the help given to me

At my first support group meeting was the first time I heard someone tell me "You hold zero responsibility for what happened to you" Friends and family always asked my questions that made me feel responsible. This community was the first safe and non-judging place where I could speak the complete truth freely. I really enjoy the meetings that are healing for me and the game evenings that are full of laughs.



For me, having this community is having a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel that I have now been given a second chance at a happy life. It's like having a second family. I can write at any time and someone is there for me. I am blessed to have met all these incredible women.

This community has helped me through difficult times and continues to support me whenever I need. It is big comfort to know that I always have some place to turn to for support. Where I don't have to talk about what happened to me, but just talk about how I feel and have someone show me care and empathy. I enjoy the chat groups where we support one another to take care of ourselves.



More About Us

A healing haven of love, support and friendship

Some of us are still figuring how and when to get out of an abusive marriage or relationship. Some of us are discovering how our childhood abuse has impacted our lives. Some of us are grieving the loss of our loved ones. Some of us have recently been sexually or physically assaulted. Though our trauma is never comparable, our understanding of surviving trauma is the same.

That moment of coming together and realising that we are not alone is liberating and healing. As we share our challenges and our victories, we learn from one another. As we motivate and encourage one another, we help each other. As we recognise that we share similar tendencies, we bond with one another.

Our self help community is our safe place.

Are you a trauma survivor too? Please reach out to receive the love and support that you deserve.


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